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Talk of Tteok

Posted on May 11, 2015 in Product Information

Have you ever heard of ‘Tteok’? Tteok (Korean rice cake) is a very popular and traditional dish in Korea that has many variants. Some are sweet, some are savoury, some are enjoyed at festivals and some are enjoyed at home. One thing’s for sure, they all look yummy. Let’s take a look at some types of ‘Tteok’!

1. Chapssalddeok-Korean style mochi cakes. A sweet ‘Tteok’ filled will red bean paste, wrapped in colourful pounded rice.





2. Mujigaeddeok-Rainbow rice cake. A rice cake with multiple coloured layers.


3.Tteokbokki-Hot and Spicy rice cake. A savoury rice cake dish with cylindrical tube tteoks. Often made with delicious dried anchovies stock.


4.Hwajeon-Pan fried Tteok. A sweet rice cake dish topped with real edible flowers from the season.


Wow, doesn’t Tteok sound amazing? I want to try all of them! Guess what, we have some tteok available for you to buy and try! Tteokbokki (hot and spicy tube rice cakes) available in our Leeds store! Just £1.95! Try something different for dinner tonight.





And Chapssalddeok (sweet mochi cakes) available online, just £2.70!…


Be sure to keep updated with Sing Kee, you never know….more types of Tteok might be available in the future!

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