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Our new Leeds store/Bubble Tea Café is almost here!

Posted on May 27, 2015 in Event Report General Information Upcoming Event

Hello everyone. We just can’t wait for the opening of our new store. We attended a meeting yesterday with our architects, so many exciting things coming to our new store/Café! Supermarkets can feel very clinical and dull……that’s not what we want ours to be like. We want you to feel like you’ve just got off the plane and stepped foot in China! Also with our Bubble Tea Café that’ll be in the store, we want it to be bright, fun and colourful whilst still capturing the essence of the Far East. After all Bubble Tea does come from Taiwan! ;) Our new store/Café will be many things but it definitely won’t be boring! :D We promise you that!…..What’s that, you want a sneaky peek? Oh go on then, since you asked nicely. ;) These are the flooring samples we picked up from our meeting. Lovely colours!



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