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  • POKKA 紅毛榴蓮汁300ml

    This refreshing tropical drink quenches your thirst and leaves you with an extraordinary moment of enjoyment. Made from real juice, get blown away with POKKA Soursop Juice Drink that embodies nature's goodness, offering you an unsurpassed experience.

    £ 1.15
  • POKKA 牛奶咖啡240ml

    Milk coffee brewed from coffee beans.

    £ 1.40
  • POKKA 卡布奇诺 240ml

    Cappuccino brewed from coffee beans.

    £ 1.20
  • POKKA 蜜瓜牛奶 240ml

    A long-time favourite of many, Pokka Melon Milk Drink bursts with the flavours of very delicious melon juice, smoothly fused with silky, natural milk. This unique creation has stood the test of time, becoming a popular choice for fans all around the world. Made with no added preservatives, this deliciously sweet and delightful experience will leave you in...

    £ 1.10
  • POKKA 柠檬青柠汁 300ml

    Pokka Lemonsi Delight is a refreshing blend of kalamansi and lemon juice. With the perfect balance of 2 marvelous fruits in one delectable blend, every sip promises to delight your taste buds with its delicious tangy citrus flavour. Brighten your day with this citrus goodness and feel instantly refreshed.

    £ 1.00