Welcome to Sing Kee Rewards

We are delighted to welcome you to the new Sing Kee Reward Scheme.

We want to reward our loyal customers every time you shop, from your very first order through your Sing Kee Account. The more you shop, the more points you earn, so our regular customers receive the best savings on our fantastic range of Oriental Food.

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Save when you buy with Sing Kee Rewards

With the Sing Kee Rewards, you earn points every time you shop with us. Sign up for your account on our website, and when you make an order with us you earn Loyalty Points. You can spend your points to get money off when you shop with us, meaning big savings

Earn Reward Points

When you shop with us through your Sing Kee Account, for every £1 spent with us in our online Oriental Supermarket, you will earn 1 point. Each point is worth 3p.

Exclusive Welcome Points Offer

We are so keen for you to start saving, we have a special welcome offer for new customers when you create an account with our newsletter signup. Once you complete this simple process as a new or returning customer you’ll receive 100 points straight away!

Ready to start saving?

How to earn points

Earning points with Sing Kee Rewards is a simple process. You’ll earn 1 point for every £1 you save, and every point is worth 3p. If you refer a friend and they make their first purchase, you’ll receive 100 points too! When your friend accepts your referral, they’ll receive 10 points just for being your friend, to get their account started on their path to earning points.

When & how to redeem your points

To redeem your points, you must have a minimum cart value of £30, and you must have a minimum of 50 points before you can spend them. You can redeem points up to a maximum of 30% of your cart’s value.

You won’t be able to redeem points against sale items or offer products, and can only redeem your points against our food, they can’t be spent on other things such as delivery costs.

Other benefits of theSing Kee Rewards

We want to reward our customers and help you to save by building your points total every time you shop with us. To make things even better, we’re offering more amazing benefits when you sign up for our points scheme.

Special Events

We want you to feel special, and you’ll have access to special events where you can earn even more points and rewards just by shopping with us. These limited-time events will only be offered if you’ve signed up!

Be the first to hear about Amazing Sales & Offers

If you’re signed up for our newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about upcoming special points events and sales first. To gain priority access to sales and news, drop your email address in the sign-up box, and eagerly wait for our emails to arrive! There is no charge to sign up for our free newsletter, and we’ll make sure you hear about sales and special events first before everyone else.

At Sing Kee, we appreciate loyalty as well as offering the finest range of Oriental Supermarket Food. If you want rewards every time you shop, and the chance to lower the cost of your shopping basket, make sure you sign up for Sing Kee Rewards today.

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