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  • OTAFUKU Okonomiyaki Kodawari Set 122.8g

    Japanese-style savoury okonomiyaki pancake mix.

    £ 3.00
  • OTAFUKU Okonomi Sauce 300g

    A blend of around 20 different kinds of spices with a wealth of fruits and vegetables. This is a mellow Japanese sauce characterised by a sweet and rich flavour, created from carefully sourced dates.

    £ 2.63
  • OTAFUKU Yakisoba Sauce 300g

    The base of this Japanese product is a sauce characterised by the delicious flavour of simmered aromatic vegetables and a spicy, mellow fragrance with a homemade taste, creating tasty, flavoursome yakisoba. Salt content has been cut by 15% compared to the original product, allowing large amounts to be used without making the yakisoba too salty.

    £ 2.63


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