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  • RI-O Cheddar Cheese Crisps 55g

    Thai Jasmine Rice Snack Ri-O Inspired Me Cheddar Cheese  Wake up inspired! Let's go cheesy around the wold with Ri-O. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the rich taste of authentic cheddar cheese.Gluten Free. Baked Not Fried. 

    £ 1.75
  • RI-O Smoked Barbecue Crisps 55g

    Thai Jasmine Rice Snack Ri-O Inspired Me Smoke Barbecue  Howdy! Fancy sharing a taste of BBQ on a hot summer day with your friends? Get inspired with our Ri-O yummy and crispy BBQ flavoured snacks.Gluten Free/Baked Not Fried. 

    £ 1.75
  • RI-O Thai Durian & Coconut Milk 55g

    Thai Jasmine Rice Snack Ri-O Inspired Me Thai Durian & Coconut Milk.  Experience the taste of the authentic Thai dessert with the sweet mellow taste of premium Durian and rich coconut milk flavour.  Gluten Free. Baked Not Fried. 

    £ 1.75


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