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  • TENG CHUN Lye Water 500ml

    Lye water Is a food grade potassium carbonate solution - used in home brewing to reduce acidity and in baking to raise the pH of dough. ... Lye water is also used to make traditional ramen noodles to give them their distinctive yellow colour, and springy texture.

    £ 3.35
  • TUNGCHUN Sweetened Black Rice Vinegar 500ml

    Tung Chun Black Rice Vinegar is made from premium ingredients. It is a traditional recipe without MSG & preservatives added. Taste is rich. It is a perfect match with Tung Chun sweetened black rice vinegar for pork knuckle & ginger recipe. Tung Chun Black Rice Vinegar is especially good for cooking oriental dishes like Shanghai style & spare ribs. 

    £ 1.91


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