Delicious budget dinner ideas for all the family to enjoy

Feeding the family is a challenge in itself. Feeding the family on a budget is an even bigger challenge. Not to fear, your Sing Kee recipe book is here to inspire your culinary talents without the Michelin price point.

Stay tuned for a variety of easy family meal ideas for both the health and time conscious and even the fussiest of eaters…

Easy Dinners on a Budget

Introducing instant noodles to family mealtime is a quick win as they are a versatile ingredient with the ability to adapt to your own recipes or simply enjoy them as they are!

For the best instant noodles, why not try some of our most-loved brands such as NongshimNissin or Indo Mie?

Using instant noodles as your base is a great step in creating a delicious yet nutritional meal for all. Healthline suggests adding vegetables and protein whilst ditching the salt content - take a look here.

Want to know our recommendations? Turn your instant noodles into a healthy, nutrition-packed, stir-fry! Here’s how…

1. Follow the cooking instructions on the back of the packet of your chosen noodles - don’t use the sachet!
2. Finely chop your favourite veggies and fry in hot oil for around 6 minutes. We love Chinese cabbage, peppers, and beansprouts for a colourful meal.
3. Mix the noodles with the vegetables and season with soy sauce for a simple dinner on a budget!

More Quick Family Meals

• Sticky Chinese Spiced Bake - simply marinate chicken thighs overnight in a mixture of Chinese five-spice, Hoisin sauce, ginger, garlic, and sesame oil. Roast for 35 minutes at 200C/180F/gas mark 6 and serve with brown rice.
• Refreshing Prawn and Lime Fritters - mix 600g of prawns with ginger, diced shallots, fish sauce, chilliblack pepper and lime juice in a blender. Heat a pan with oil and add a spoon of the fritters into the pan and fry on each side for 2 minutes for a healthy, moreish snack.

Be sure to add our recipes to your cookbook for quick access to a delicious dinner! Do you have any family recipe ideas that have saved the pennies? Let us know over on our socials