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Vegan bao buns with pulled jackfruit recipe

Looking to embrace a more plant-based diet and create delicious dishes? Check out our recipe below for our vegan take on Bao buns, perfect for summer parties.
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Wassup? Wasabi peas!

In this blog, we explain the origins of wasabi peas, their possible health benefits and how they can add taste and crunch to your mealtime.
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Goodbye Kitty, Hello Panda!

The Meiji Hello Panda biscuit range enjoys cult status around the world. Let's discover their history, significance and available flavours.
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Mochi - have you tried the latest sweet treat from Japan?

Japanese mochi: what it is and how it originated, as well as introduce some of our favourite varieties, available on our website and in-store.
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Instant ramen noodles: Japan’s ultimate comfort food

In this blog, we look at the origins of instant Japanese noodles, known as ramen, as well as introduce the noodle range available from Sing Kee Foods.
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Japanese curry explained

Japanese curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Let's look at origins of this Japanese phenomenon, how it is made and how you can make it at home.
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Chinese celebrations for Mother’s Day

In this blog, we look at the significance of Mother’s Day in China - this year it falls on 12th May - and how the Chinese celebrate it, including some food ideas.
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Our recipe for vegan ‘duck’ pancakes

The increasing demand for vegan food has been one of the biggest culinary phenomena in recent years. Check out our recipe for a Chinese classic with a vegan twist.
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Our delicious vegan teriyaki tempeh recipe

Here, at Sing Kee Foods, we believe that cooking delicious vegan dishes should be affordable to everyone. Check out our recipe for vegan teriyaki tempeh in this blog post and video.
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Songkran 2019: how to celebrate Thai new year

Songkran is an important fixture on the Buddhist calendar when friends and family gather for food and festivities all over Thailand.
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