SQ Red Bean Bun - Panda Shape 180g (Frozen)

SQ Red Bean Bun - Panda Shape 180g (Frozen)

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SQ Red Bean Bun - Panda Shape 180g (Frozen)


Description: SQ Red Bean Bun - Panda Shape 三全熊貓豆沙包 (6 Pcs) 180g (Frozen). The steamed red bean bun is soft outside with a gooey texture inside. The first bite of the slightly spongy and pleasantly fragrant red bean paste bun has such a delightful mouthful. Also, the panda shape appearance is really fascinating!

Usage Method: Steam: The pot water boiled, remove the packaging and bottom support, which do not need to unfreeze, and placed on the steaming rack. 2. Medium heat steaming 8-10 minutes, steamed and kept 1 minute after the pot, can serve them and enjoy!

Storage:Keep frozen at -18°C or colder until best before the date.

This item was originally frozen and may become chilled during delivery. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions or the recommended use-by date. The ice packs we provide are to maintain the temperature of the frozen/chilled goods. When arriving to the customer, frozen products may be slightly defrosted on the surface, but the products are still in perfect condition to cook on the same day. By agreeing to purchase this product you are aware that we cannot accept returns or refunds for chilled/frozen products.

Ingredients: Wheat(Gluten)Flour(52%), Water, Sugar, Red Kidney Beans, Yeast, Soybean Oil(2%), Glucose Powder, Wheat(Gluten)Starch, Compound Leavening Agent(Raising Agent(E500(ii)), Colour(E170), Acidity Regulator(E339, E575, E330), Emulsifier(E471), Corn Starch), Cuttlefish Juice Seasoning(Cuttlefish Juice(Molluscs), Salt, Thickener(E1414, E451), Raising Agent(E500(ii)), Tangerine Peel.

Nutrition Information:

Typical Values

Per 100g







of which saturates


Total Carbohydrate


of which sugar








Allergen Information: Contains Wheat, Soybean, Cuttlefish and Molluscs.

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