If there has been one country whose food and drink have been embraced in recent years across the Western world, it has to be Japan. Japanese cuisine is unique in the sense that it captures so much of the essence of the Land of the Rising Sun while borrowing from other food cultures.

Beverages from Japan follow an identical pattern, not just in terms of their origins but also due to their ‘fusionability’. In this blog, we explore the range of Japanese soft drinks and introduce some of the brands that are available from Sing Kee Foods.

Everything’s gone green

Green tea is synonymous with the Far East. Indeed, in this region of the world, green tea is regarded as something close to a sacred product. In Japan, green tea is consumed as both a hot and a cold beverage, sometimes mixed with subtle and natural flavourings. What remains consistent is the quality: some of the best green tea we have consumed has come from Japan.

Powdered green tea has also attracted a great deal of interest around the world. The Japanese certainly take it seriously and will drink it after being prepared as part of a tea-making ceremony, which can often last one or two hours. In the West, it is especially popular as an ingredient in a matcha latte, a warming, milky and satisfying drink that is full of antioxidants.

Sing Kee Foods is pleased to offer our customers pure green tea, green tea-based soft drinks and matcha powder.

One of your five-a-day

A wide variety of fruit flavours appears in many Japanese soft drink brands. Fruit is a popular ingredient in ramune, a type of carbonated soft drink which was originally created and continues to be sold in Japan. At Sing Kee Foods, we sell a wide selection of ramune drinks with flavours such as melon, blueberry and pineapple, as well as yuzu, a type of citrus fruit common in Japan.

Check out our website to view our full range of ramune drinks available in various fruit flavours.

Cup full of barley

Barley tea is a roasted grain-based infusion drink made from barley. It has a toasted flavour, with slight bitter undertones. As it contains no caffeine, it is ideal for children. In Japan, it is a popular summertime drink which is usually served cold. To make your own, we recommend HOUSE FOODS Barley Tea.

Your Japanese food and drink experts

With over 20 years of experience, Sing Kee Foods is committed to offering all of our customers the widest range of products of the highest quality from Japan and the rest of the Far East. Check out Sing Kee Foods website today, where you will find an impressive selection of non-alcoholic drinks from the Japan and other Oriental markets. We are confident you will find everything you need – and a lot more – from us.