A must-have shopping list of plant-based alternatives

This shopping list is the ultimate guide for vegan and plant-based beginners and even the longtimers who are stuck in a rut of making the same dishes each and every night. 

It’s time to get creative with your cooking skills and to let your taste buds explore the wonders of vegan food.

But first, what are the reasons to go green?

Benefits of a vegan diet for yourself

Vegan and plant-based diets are here to stay. With an abundance of scientific evidence to prove the life-changing benefits that these diets can bring, expect to see more and more plant-based meals on your menus. 

It has been proven that making the switch to a non-dairy and meat-free lifestyle can reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Those who follow a vegan diet also say that their energy levels increase whilst stomach problems and inflammation are reduced.

Benefits of a vegan diet for the planet

Ethically speaking, a vegan diet boasts many positive aspects - the obvious reason for many people converting to veganism is because of the belief that animals have the right to a free life without being raised for food. Alongside this, by reducing the amount of meat we consume, we are simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint through the use of less energy, water and carbon.

Plant-based vs vegan

So what is the difference between plant-based and vegan diets? Plant-based mainly focuses on what we eat. This type of diet is concerned with the foods we put into our bodies and how strict we are. For example, some people who follow a plant-based diet may also eat animal-derived items such as honey.

On the other hand, veganism is a lifestyle affecting what we eat, wear and buy. 

Meat Alternatives at Sing Kee

Here at Sing Kee, we have a wide range of meat alternatives for you to enjoy and to allow you to continue cooking up delicious Asian dishes.

• Recreate crispy duck pancakes with our gluten-based imitation duck
• Our Samui vegan curry pastes are a great way to spice up your Friday night and come in two flavours - yellow paste and Panang curry paste.
• For more Friday night takeaway options our range of The Plantbase Store has amazing alternatives for your typical kebab night in. 

Explore our full range of vegan and plant-based items here at Sing Kee Asian Supermarket UK